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LMS Site - Learning Management System
Have your company, school or organization with organized learning platform that will train and deliver information quickly and effectively anywhere. LEARN MORE

Knowledge Portal
Have your company, organization or school the efficient and trendy Knowledge Portal accessible online. Based on intranet technology, our platform has secure access exclusively for its members with options to publish public information if needed and accessible using any tablet, ipad or phone as well as desktop pc. Learn More.

School eLearning Platform
A school may need an easy online platform to be able for its students to learn in an organize and planned methods. Teacher and students can communicate well even virtually using web technologies. Our eLearning technology will help both teacher and student to efficiently acquire and deliver knowledge even by using tablet and phone. Learn More.

eLibrary Digital Cloud Archiving
Store your data on the cloud. Our secure server can hold large amount of data you will upload and securely accessed privately by your people. LEARN MORE >>

eConsulting Membership Platform
A consultant is usually an expert or an experienced professional in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter. A consultant can have an online platform to reach his/her possible audiences or clients in global scale and anyhwhere in the world. LEARN MORE >>

Knowledge eStore
Have you ebooks or any learning materials sold online. Our easy to use platform can help you sell learning tools and materials and manage your eStore very easy even without coding knowledge. Learn More.

eLearning Materials Creation
Graphics, PDF ebooks, Powerpoint Presentation, Videos, Articles and more. Our creative and content creator experts will handle the jobs for you saving you own time. LEARN MORE >>

Learning Technology Tools and Equipment Procurement
New tools and equipments are being create every year. With our expert knowledge in procuring these materials that can help your learning environment better, your organization make no pour of extra efforts and reduce flaws in obtaining these materials (e.g. Projectors, Smart Table, Smart Borads, Kiosks, Cameras, Education Robots, Control Centers, Computers, etc..).

Wordpress Development

Wordpress Development
For eCommerce, Blog, Business Portfolio etc...

Our Wordpress Developent

We have expertise in Wordpress site development for any kind of usages. We can create High Quality custom website that will boost your business and provide highly performance web assets for your organization or personal use. CLICK TO READ MORE.


We are a Learning Technology experts that caters appropriate technology for organizations, professional coach, online teachers and companies that requires knowledge exchange with the help of web technology and softwares.

Managed by Hasloo Network, that has expertise in web infrastructures and content curation, we have delivered reliable services and digital assets used by top companies and consultants around the globe.