We can customized any platform available to fit to your organization.

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Digital Marketing Folks (DMF) is an online community of digital marketer who like to enhance their skills and knowledge about digital marketing. Managed and a division of Hasloo Network, a digital publishing expert, to give a full help and provide necessary resources to professionals and neophytes. Members will received MONTHLY updates of lessons and resources to gain right knowledge in digital marketing efficiency.

Our Wordpress LMS platform is a consolidation or themes, scripts and plugins to create an effective and easy to learn LMS platform using the popular Wordpress.

A knowledge portal and LMS that teaches online courses.

Data achiving for learning and information materials which can provide public or private access. This app can display PDF, CSV, html or Doc documents right on the browser.

A collaboration online tools for exchanging materials and knowledge.

Wordpress Development

Wordpress Development
For eCommerce, Blog, Business Portfolio etc...

Our Wordpress Developent

We have expertise in Wordpress site development for any kind of usages. We can create High Quality custom website that will boost your business and provide highly performance web assets for your organization or personal use. CLICK TO READ MORE.


We are a Learning Technology experts that caters appropriate technology for organizations, professional coach, online teachers and companies that requires knowledge exchange with the help of web technology and softwares.

Managed by Hasloo Network, that has expertise in web infrastructures and content curation, we have delivered reliable services and digital assets used by top companies and consultants around the globe.